The Shackled City

Branos comes to Cauldron


So the day before yesterday I got to this place called Cauldron. It’s a strange place built on a dead vulcano. At least, I hope it’s dead because I don’t want to be around if it wakes up. The place is creepy enough as it is. First thing I hear from locals I talk to is that there are octopi beasts in crater lake! I’m not sure I’d want to live next to a lake with all kinds of beasts that come and plant eggs into your wife’s belly. These are some hardened folks I tell you that. Of course the first thing I was headed for was an inn to fill my belly. Turns out meat is way too expensive out here. The only affordable variety is chicken! I got the cook to make me something else for a reasonable price in the end, but I’m not entirely sure what I was eating. Guess I’ll have to do with chicken for now. When I set up an inn, it sure as hell won’t be selling chicken.

Since I was running out of cash I volunteered to patrol the streets for the evening. Ya I know, volunteered doesn’t get paid, but I volunteering at least gets you in the spotlight for possible future jobs.

Of course I wasn’t sent out patrolling alone. Together with two big guys and a dwarf I was sent to patrol the inner ring, Ash avenue, basically Cauldron is built around this lake in the middle of the crater and there are several lanes, or rings going round. So I was walking and talking with these guys, Ellanor, Malphax and the dwarf Salik (he’s pitchblack, I asked him why he didn’t bathe after he stopped mining, but he said it wouldn’t help, I guess he never tried), when suddenly we here screaming coming from an alley. My heart was pounding, thinking it’s them octopus monsters, but Malphax and Salik went charging right towards the alley! So I jogged after them, just in time to see three man pummeling this guy. So we got him up and brought him back to his church as he turned out to be a servant of St. Cuthbert. He was searching for some missing children from the orphanage. Jenya Kurikas, the leader of the church of St. Cuthbert, asked us to find the children. Well I remember when I was young and my nephew was taken away by goblins. It was terrible for the whole family. Now these kids don’t have much family, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about them. I’ll do everything I can to find them and bring them back to safety.

Sounds brave doesn’t it? Well, maybe I was a little rash promising myself that. After some investigation at the orphanage we went to the locksmith who made the locks, as there were no break in signs. Maybe someone stole a key from the locksmith? At Gelf’s, the locksmith was very nervous. He signalled to the back of his shop and we all felt something strange was going on. Was he being threatened from behind the curtain? Malphax and Salik suddenly charged forwards to the back of the shop, pushing Gelf aside. Then we all charged forwards and went looking about. Gelf started crying and telling us to stop. He claimed his rat familiar was taken by some invisible creatures, who’d kill him if he’d investigate them. Well we weren’t going to be stopped by that! These must be the guys who kidnapped the children! We decided to head into the secret passage that we found in the shop, even though Gelf told us not to. Well, with our backs towards him, he suddenly started casting spells, stunning all of us! We had no choice other than to put him down! We handed him over to the town guard, who were somewhat inquisitive of why we knocked out Gelf. Happily we were able to convince them after some talking. Now what we found down there, that’s a whole different story, and I’m not sure I’m cut out for this kind of life.



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