The Shackled City

Lost in the Underdark

The Malachite Hold has been abandoned. The fiendish dwarf who sold us fled. All of the bastion has been deserted save for a human slave we freed from his chains. In the grand auction room we found a one way portal, but could only discern it went somewhere else on the material plane. Obviously we cannot risk ending up in a new stronghold without proper equipment and no way to retreat. The passage to the elevator up has been blocked, probably filled with concrete. We shall use this as a base of operations while searching for another way up. Perhaps if we catch an intelligent being we can get it to guide us in exchange for its life. As far as we know the kidnapped children are still in a fortress somewhere between the arena and the Malachite hold, but it is probably best to first find a way up.

Account by Malphax Waldegrave.



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