The Shackled City

Monday March 29

Day 2: After the deliverance of Keygan to the town guards, the party proceeded to the dungeon. Descending down the stairs, X activated a trap, causing the floor to pivot, launching the poor fellow down a 20ft staircase. Luckily his armour broken the fall and left only minor cuts and bruises upon his body.

In the room he got launched in, a number of masks adorned the wall, each making a different kind of sound. For a second it seemed as though the laughter of one of the masks amplified, but no evidence to it was found. The doors in this dungeon are almost always locked, leaving no keyhole on the doors barring a single indentation in the form of a symbol. The Halfling deciphered the markings as depicting letters in the Dwarfish and Gnomish alphabet, but found no way to open them.

The following hallway resulted in more closed door and a nasty pit-trap where the unfortunate cleric found himself fall in. The party ventured forth through an illusory wall, into a room with a map of the underground city. The Cloistered Cleric quickly took out parchment and ensued in drawing the map onto his piece of paper.

Guided by the map, the party ventured forth into a room with flickering balls of light, who coursed the room in a seemingly random fashion. It is there that some gray skinned humanoids




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