The Shackled City

The Malachite Hold

The next step is to venture inside Jzadirune again, and take a mechanical elevator down in hopes of finding the missing children. Right in the first room to explore we were pummeled unconscious by some obscure pillar construct. We were disarmed and thrown in a cell by our captors. All attempts at escape failed. We were sold as slaves to fight in an arena about half a day travelling through the Underdark away. After several days, we managed to cause an uproar in the cells beneath the arena. The proprietor escaped. We found several objects of value, allowing us to replace lost equipment. We just need to find our way back to the surface. Other survivors here include a centaur, a minotaur and a human woman that was used as concubine. The former two are unwilling to travel with us thanks to the very diplomatic behaviour of our moral compass. We will try to make our way back to the malachite hold, to see if the path to the surface is still open.

Account by Malphax Waldegrave.



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