Ellenar Brightsoul

Human Ancestral Speaker


The Brightsoul family has a long history of divine heroes: Paladins, Clerics an even the occasional Crusader have once fought with the family symbol on their chest. The family was renowned all over the Sword Coast for their pride, honor and loyalty. Their beautiful mansion on the Sword Coast was the centre of their lives; the place where parties were held, quests started and the family came together regularly.

A few decades ago Gerard Brightsoul, grandfather of Ellenor, turned towards alcohol, gambling and prostitutes, spending the family fortune that has accumulated over centuries in mere years. Needless to say the family name quickly declined until there was nothing left of the once so prestigious Brightsoul family name. Their beautiful mansion on the Swords Coast, family heirlooms and other valuables were confiscated and eventually Gerard got murdered over an unpaid debt.

Ellenar’s father fled the city and ended up in the slums of Waterdeep where Ellenar was born and had a childhood which involved a lot of violence and crime. One day, after he was caught stealing apples a priest visited the guard barracks where Ellenar was being held. After multiple conversations, spread out over numerous day, about his life and where he went wrong, his family and the looming mercy of Kelemvor convinced him to join the church of Kelemvor.

After years and years of dedicated study and prayer Ellenar managed to establish a divine connection with his ancestors. They began to tell him tales about their lives and the glory days of the family. They also talked about the downsides and the decline of the family name. These stories shocked Ellenar and two years after this initial contact, Ellenar decided to leave the church to see if he could restore the family name his grandfather had destroyed.

Ever trying to restore the family name, Ellenar now tries to reconnect with old friends and contacts of the family, collecting debts wherever he goes to hopefully restore the Brightsoul family’s name.

Ellenar found out that one item, an amulet bearing the family crest, was sold to Skie Anderson many years ago. According to his knowledge and investigations this amulet had gone without payment. He had visited several females named Skie, but this time he is certain to find the Skie that had a debt open with the Brightsoul family… His quest brought him to the city of Cauldron.

Ellenar Brightsoul

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