The Shackled City

Friday 26 March

Day 1: The group of players venture into the city of Cauldron, going into a well-priced inn: the Morkoth. Soon they find out the beef is overpriced, but all sorts of chicken dishes are well priced and even better edible.

Shortly after dinner, a group of guards walks into the pub requesting volunteer to patrol the rings of Cauldron to prevent more abductions. The group volunteers and are instructed to patrol Ash Lane, the street closest to the Lake. They are not to undertake hostile actions, but instead report all strange incidents to the town guards. The players grasp this opportunity to request a list of abductees in recent days in exchange for their services.

On their second revolution around the Lake, the group hears cries of a man in pain and at least two assailants. Quickly the group ventures forth, to find a priest of St Cuthbert – Ruphus Laro – Being beaten up by several thugs with their faces painted half black half white. They do this to make sure the church of St Cuthbert ceizes their attempts to find the missing children. The thugs retreat immediately when the party approaches.

Half the party decides to complete the patrol, as instructed, and the other half to guide the priest to his temple. The priest is glad he is saved and his superior – Jenya Urikas – invites the four of them over to stay the night at the temple. After the other two have finished their guard duties, they make their way towards the guard house for the list of abductions and further instructions. The two are thanked for their services, and they quickly join the other two members in the temple.

Day 2: The players are told of the abductions by the clerics of St Cuthbert at breakfast in the morning. The church is willing to provide a sizeable sum of money if they manage to find the missing children and bring them back to the church. In advance payment, the players receive a cure moderate Wounds potion each. They also hear of the riddle as gotten when activating the church’s relic.

The players start investigating the orphanage after hearing the riddle. They find nothing wrong with the locks and no secret doors. The Personnel seems legit, and the head mistress asks the party to go to Keygan Ghelve to have the locks replaced.

While talking to Keygan the gnome, it became apparent that he was making arm gestures to the back room, separated by a curtain. Two members of the party anticipated these signs as a gesture of robbery in progress, but there was no assailant or robber to be found behind the curtain.

Keygan was clearly emotionally hurt, since he blamed the death of his rat familiar Starbrow on the PCs. After a thorough search of the house for a possible perpetrator no oddities were found. The party continued to pressure Keygan until he budged and told them a secret entrance into a sub terranean city long abandoned. When entering the secret city by name of Jzadirune, Keygan tried to hinder the PCs from going there in order to ssave his familiar which was being held hostage. All of the PCs succombed to Keygan’s color spray, but he wasn’t fast enough in tying the PCs up and tied the others up too quickly. The last PC untied quickly drew a sword and knocked Keygan unconscious before delivering him to the guards.

((The Party quickly proceeded to investigate the dungeon, but soon found a gruesome death by the hands of a sneaky skulk and a broken Stonecrusher))



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